HYMN Saint of the eagle eye, Gazing enrapt on high Mid dread abysses of Divinity; Martyr by heart’s intent, Virgin yet penitent, Prophet and guide in realms of mystery. Oft in thy life, ’tis told Sweet converse thou didst hold With the pure Virgin and her Son divine; Thence came the wondrous light Flooding with glory bright Thy mystic page, for wisdom there did shine. Clearly thou dost reveal Secrets the clouds conceal For thou hast seeped thy soul in…

We Should Always Be Mindful of Christ’s Love

From the autobiography of Saint Teresa of Jesus. We should always be mindful of Christ’s love           Whoever lives in the presence of so good a friend and excellent a leader, who went ahead of us to be the first to suffer, can endure all things. The Lord helps us, strengthens us, and never fails; he is a true friend. And I see clearly, and I saw afterward, that God desires that if we are going…
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