The Life of Continual Prayer

The Life of Continual Prayer


          I. Continual prayer and the practice of prayer:

1/The life of unceasing prayer:

 - The life of “Christ who contemplates on the mountain”(LG 46) was always nourished by filial conversation with His Father (IGLH 4.). Imitating him, the Discalced Carmelite Nuns should give witness in the Church to a life of unceasing prayer.
- Since prayer is an intimate sharing between friends, a frequent lingering in solitude, with Him who we know loves us, it involves every aspect of the nuns being. It informs their life with faith, hope and love that marks out the path leading to evangelical sanctity.

2/ Mental prayer:

- two hours daily, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

II. Spiritual reading:

- The nuns dedicate about an hour each day to spiritual reading.

III. The examination of conscience:

- In order to keep turning their hearts to God. The nuns will examine their conscience twice each day: before dinner and in the evening at Night Prayer.

IV. Silence and solitude:

- The Carmelite way of life embraces both silence and solitude in order to foster the prayerful and solitary atmosphere that is the hallmark of Carmel.

                                                (See. Constitution chapter 4, II, No. 78-86)